The Evolution Of Aesthetic Views In Christianism And Islam

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Gulnora Khudayberganova


Asceticism Is A Moral Norm For Particular Social Purposes. There Are Approaches In Theology That Link The Formation Of Ascetic Views Because They Are Uniquely Reflected In The Religious Ideas That Existed In Primitive Society.

Asceticism Can Also Be Understood As A Method Or Discipline That Seeks To Change A Person, Not To Restrict Him. According To Experts, The Essence Of Asceticism Stems From A Religious-Mystical Worldview Based On Divine And Secular, Good And Evil, The Opposition Of Body And Soul. The Most Common Early Forms Of It Are The Views On Asceticism In The Teachings Of Buddhism And Brahmanism.                  This Article Analyzes The Evolution Of The Phenomenon Of Asceticism To Christianity And Islam, Depending On The Field Of Religious Phenomenology, Which Is One Of The Branches Of Religion. Based On Eastern And West Scholars' Research, The Essence Of Asceticism In Christianity Is Rarely Revealed, As Well As The Commonalities And Differences Between The Concepts Of Urgency In Islam.

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