The Study of Performance Appraisal Practice in Public and Private Sector Electricity Organizationa

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Parekh Vipulkumar Hasmukhbhai , Dr. Milind Limaye


This Research Paper Is Based On An Analysis Towards The Effectiveness Of Performance Appraisal Programs And Its’ Impact On The Job Performance Of The Employees Belong To Public And Private Sector Electricity Organizations In Gujarat. The Main Aim Is To Study The Role Of These Organizations And Their Practices Offered For Performance Appraisal Programs. Study Also Focused To Identify The Factors That Are Substantial In Determining The Fields And Areas For Performance Appraisal Programs Practices. The Basic Concept And Notion Behind This Study Is To Know The Level Of Awareness, Information, And Views Of The Employees, And Beneficiaries Regarding The Same. Assessment Of Demographic Factors And Their Role In The Perception Towards Selected Organizations And Performance Appraisal Programs And Practices. It Is A Descriptive And Empirical Study Led By A Survey Method. The Purpose Of This Research Paper Is To Critically Examine The Employees’ Perception About The Performance Appraisal Practices. The Data Comprises Of Both Primary And Secondary Data For This Research Problem And Analyzed Using Suitable And Applicable Statistical Tools. The Study Concludes With Finding And Conclusion.

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