Performance Evaluation and Analysis of CSPM: a Secure cloud Computing Model

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Abeer F Alotaibia, Mohammed A. AlZaina, Mehedi MasudaNZ Jhanjhib


Cloud computing offers an innovative organization and user ability share, store and retrieve data anytime and from anywhere. Recently companies have increases to adopting cloud computing.  The main concerns in adopting cloud computing about the security issues. The critical aspect in cloud computing is security due to privacy and sensitive information. As a lot of users in the company share confidential and critical data on a cloud so the important part is how the data be secured. This paper discusses overview of the cloud computing and presents proposes a cloud security performance management (CSPM) model. Presents experimentation and evolution based in performance in different data size. Applying asymmetric encryption by using RSA and ECC algorithm. Show scenarios   between RSA vs ECC in storing and retrieval data inside proposed CSPM model. Presents CSPM Model-Store algorithm and CSPM Model-Retrieve algorithm.

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