Using the gravity model to measure international trade flows in Iraq for the period (2004-2019)

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Dr. Fadhil Abbas Kadhim, Raad Mohammed Tahir


International trade is the backbone of the global economy and the most important link between countries and occupies a prominent position in light of events and rapid changes in a world characterized by complexity and intertwining in relations and the steady trend towards the internationalization of economic life, given that national borders are no longer sufficient for the growth of productive forces and therefore closure will not enable it to achieve its goals Therefore, we find that the use of the gravity model to measure Iraq's trade flows (total exports and imports) is positively determined by the size of economies, the per capita GDP difference for the countries concerned, and the trade openness of the countries and by using Panel Data because the research data is a mixture of cross-sectional data and series data. Timeline                                                                                             

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