Historical Significance Of Tirunelveli

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Ahila Ruby Shantha Kumari. V, Dr. S. Murugavel


The aim of this article is to spotlight the historical significance of Tirunelveli. Tirunelveli is situated six hundred and two kilometers to the South of Chennai in Tamil Nadu of India. It's located on the northern bank of river Thamiraparani. Tirunelveli was Just a Chief town of the Pandyas to the South of their Capital.  During the Nayaks Period, It became the Capital of their Southern province.  In 1801, during the acquisition of the Nawab of Arcot, Tirunelveli District was called as Tirunelveli Seemai.  After that, British named it as Tinnevelly.  There are about one hundred inscriptions were copied from Tirunelveli town alone upto the year 1912.

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