A Novel Intraoral Vibratory Device for treatment of Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome Running Title: Novel Intraoral Vibratory Device

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Sanpreet Singh Sachdev , Prajwalit P. Kende, Varte Varthangpuii, Prashant M. Pednekar , Zaneta D’Souza, Tabita Joy Chettiankandy


Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome is a distressing condition wherein a patient experiences pain in certain areas of orofacial muscles. An array of treatment modalities exists to deal with the ailment however these have a short-term reversible action. This necessitates the development of modalities that the patient can readily utilize at their residence without needing to visit a physician multiple times. Overall, the development of such a modality would increase patient compliance and result in a regular reinforcement of the therapeutic intervention. Mechanical vibration has been used in physiotherapy for disorders and ailments involving bones, muscles, and tendons. The authors have designed a novel device that can be easily maneuvered within the oral cavity and apply mechanical vibrations to the trigger points on the muscles of mastication intraorally. The ease of operation of the device enables it to be safely utilized by the patients without the need of a physician or apprehension of adverse effects.

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