Analytical Study On Role Of Nursing Officers In Curing Covid Pandemic

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Dr. J. Rukumani


Health practitioners were obviously at the centre of worldwide anti-pandemic mobilization, which were designed and/or improvised to provide specialist attention for COVID-19 19 patients in the separate medical networks or campus hospitals. The pandemic is spreading, thus decreasing the elevated probability of infection and damaging effects for society and the need for particular care for patients with disease. In reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, this integration assessment discusses the problems with nurses. The crucial deficiency of caregivers, beds and health care materials, including personal protective devices, and psychological shifts and perceptions of infections among nurses are the key problems confronting nurses in this scenario. These unexpected conditions have led us, as health practitioners, to consider, take timely decisions. The greatest obstacle now is to heal and provide for the individuals associated with COVID 19. We as nurses represent humanity.

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