Fpga Implementation Of 4-Bit Alu Using Reversible Logic Gates

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V.Priyanka Brahmaiah, Anudeep Peddi, R. Saichandan


The adders, multipliers  are the essential building blocks for every integrated circuit (IC). Thus, the design of adders and multipliers must inhibit the area, delay and power efficient properties. But most of the CMOS based logic gates are failed to provide these properties in adders, multipliers implementation. To solve this problem reversible logic gates has been developed at nano technology level  using the quantum dot cellular  automata properties. The quantum cost for this reversible logic gates very low, thus in this paper reversible logic gates-based 4-bit adder, 4-bit subtractor, 4-bit multiplier and 4- bit ALU developed with reconfigurable properties. The effective utilization of these gates provides more flexible nature for ICs. The implementations are conducted  in Xilinx ISE environment, the simulation results shows that proposed method is area, power and delay efficient compared to the conventional approaches.

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