The Educational Program Delivery System: Medium of Communication for the Rural Community

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Mahathir Yahaya, PhD, Masarah Mohamad Yusof PhD, Azlinda Azman, PhD, Farhana KamarulBahrin, PhD , Nur Atikah A Rahman, Ph.D .


An effective delivery system is essential in spreading any form of information about education to the community. Particularly, the essence of any education program may not be delivered to the society if the utilized system is inefficient. Thus, the aim of this article is to identify the medium of educational delivery systems that are used among the rural community of Baling. A total of 10 parents were involved in the in-depth interview process. Data acquired is analyzed through thematic analysis. The research suggested that the rural community opt for meetings or similar gatherings as their preferred medium to obtain information from the schools acting in the redelivery of the government. This article viewed that Baling community is in need of help from the local communities and the non-governmental bodies to obtain information about education programs. The ‘top to bottom’ and ‘bottom up’ approaches are needed to empower the people of Baling.

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