Multipurpose Single Electric Powered Wheel

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K.D. Sharma,Gurjit Singh Bitta, Shubham Chaunal, Anshul Verma, Sarthak Rana


Nowadays, Electric powered vehicles are the most efficient mode of transport. Electric motors are rotating the shaft of any vehicle or in the case of the hub motor the wheel itself. In this project, we are working on a single electric-powered wheel that will be used at multiple places with some easy adjustments in clamping. Our electrically powered wheel can improve the mobility of people with disabilities, as an electric scooter and for various other purposes. An electric hub motor is used in a wheel with which the battery and all the electric circuits are placed around the handlebar for easy accessibility. This will reduce man efforts, to make all these operations work through one mechanism. When this wheel is clamped to its other attachments, a new functional use of this electric powered wheel can be put to use.

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