Analyzing The Impact Of Foresight, And Organizational Learning On Performance: A Case Of Smes

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Hasan AlMujaini, Mohd Hilmi, Anas Abudaqa, Rashed, AlZahmi


The purpose of present study is to examine the direct impact of corporate foresight, and organizational learning on the performance dynamic of SMEs as working in United Arab Emirates (UAE). A sample of 576 questionnaires were distributed among the owners/managers of different SMEs as working in the region of UAE. The data was analzyed through descriptive and two step approach where structural equation modelling (SEM) under Smart PLS was found to be very much help to examine the direct and indirect relationship between the study variables. The study findings show that there is a significant and positive impact of corporate foresight on organizational performance whereas significant impact of organizational learning on organizational performance. The study findings suggest that both owners and managers at SMEs of UAE should attach more importance to innovative capabilities and digital transformation for achieving higher level of organizational performance. Policy makers should reasonable consider the direct and indirect effect of study variables while considering high performance at workplace. To the best of researcher’s attention, this research provides a very first empirical evidence in the existing literature on the relationship between corporate foresight, digital transformation, and organizational performance dynamics.

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