Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Tourism Sector of Assam.

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Poli Boruh.


Based on the secondary data, the present study has aimed at, the study of the economic impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sectors of Assam and its suggestive measures. A total of 20 papers was downloaded to study in-depth and wrote the result. From the various literature reviews, it has been found that due to COVID -19, the whole economy of the world was experiencing sluggish growth and the possibility of a severe economic downturn is very high. The results indicate that COVID -19 had hit very badly on the tourism sectors of not only Assam but all over the world. Due to the lockdown process for COVID-19 not only employment had declined but also revenue had fallen in these sectors. Consequently, the Entrepreneurs in this sector have also faced lots of problems. Since the tourism sector of Assam is one of the great contributors to the state domestic product.COVID-19 brings a big challenge to the economy of Assam by hitting these sectors. The present study also reveals some suggestive measures to overcome the problems faced by this sector during the pandemic situation.                                                                                                                                              

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