Jurisprudence rulings extracted on the letters of meanings

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Yasser Abboud Abdullah Al-Alwani, Prof. Hatem Abdullah Shwish


We praise God Almighty, and we pray to His Messenger Muhammad "Peace be upon him ", and the family and companions, and those who followed them in goodness until the Day of Judgment.

And after: The fundamentalists realized the importance of (Letters of meanings) and their strong connection to understanding meanings, and deriving rulings from their legal precepts, so they paid special attention to the jurist's need for them. Most of the books on the foundations of jurisprudence are not devoid of talking about the letters of meanings. Imam Al-Razi, may God have mercy on him, said at (Chapter Eight: In the interpretation of letters, the need in jurisprudence to know their meanings is great): »The second issue is “fa’” to comment according to what is correct. If he said, “I entered Baghdad, then Basra would benefit from commenting on what is possible, not on what is not, Rather, we said that it is to comment on the consensus of the people of the language on it«[1].


[1] Al-Mahsuli: 1/ 373.

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