Ineffective Training On The Global Language Turn Rural Learners As Life Victims

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D.S.Meenambal , Dr.S.Meenakshi


This Paper Aims At Analysing The Communication Skills Of Rural Learners And The Following Pedagogical Perspectives In Classroom Teaching. It Also Examines The Differences Existing In The Teaching Mode And Its Educational Practices Followed By Teachers And Learners Attribute Towards The Requirement Of Amenities In The Teaching Space. A Set Of Rural Learners From Vellore District Has Been Chosen For This Effective Analysis. The Students Were Given A Set Of Questions Based On Classroom Amenities, Management Concern On Syllabus, Activities And Techniques Followed By Teachers And Learners’ Proficiency Level.This Survey Method Is Carried Out Based On The Self-Report Questionnaire And Identified The Obstacles Facing In Classroom Learning. Taken Survey (Questionnaire) From 65 Students On How Their Teachers Teach To Learners And Learning Environment. The Data Were Analysed By Applying The Frequency Table. Its Impact Affirm The Inadequacy Of Communication Training Between Learners And Teachers Interaction And Among Learners To Perform In An Authentic Situation. From The Questionnaire Report, The Following Constraints Are Followed In The Classroom. The Interactive Learning Platform Was Not Given Among The Learners Which Causes Dissatisfaction, Involvement And Commitment From The Teachers Are Not Up To The Benchmark Level And Also The Absence Of Following Up Strategies Like Activities And Techniques Seem Very Less For The Rural Learners. Discussion And Suggestions Of This Work Reflect The Same Wherein All Educational Authorities And Teachers Have To Provide Adequate Prospects To The Rural Learners To Get Rid Of Their Nervousness, Reluctance And Communication Apprehension. The English Language Has Established Its Roots Firmly In The Field Of The Employment Sector And Ascertaining It As A Language Meant For Formal Communication. This Created An Urge For An Employee As Well As For An Employer To Achieve Mastery In Language Fluency And Accuracy To Have Proper Communication In And Around The Globe. Subsequently, Enhancing Oral Communication And Its Proficiency Level Is The Most Trending Precedent For Learners.  

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