Species composition and significance of entomophages of apple moth in the south of Uzbekistan

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Berdiev Jura Khursandovich , Rakhmatullaev Alimardon Yusupovich , Arabova Nodira Ziyоdovna , Norkobilova Zarina Boykobil qizi , Burieva Khurshida Parda qizi , Omonova Nafisa Rakhimovna


As a result of the research, 14 species of coin-winged entomophagous insects, 6 species of Ichneumonoidea, 5 species of Braconidae, 3 species of Thrichogrammatidae, 6 species of Chrysopidae and 8 species of Coccinellidae were found in the ecosystem of southern Uzbekistan. These species were experimentally tested.

To study the species composition of the entomophages of the apple moth, various observation methods and accountings were used. To collect caterpillars and pupae of the pest, trapping belts, that are fixed at a height of 35-60 cm from the ground made of corrugated paper or burlap, were widely used. The collected objects were brought up in large test tubes and in 0.5 liter jars. The species belonging of the isolated parasites and the collected predators was established according to the identification keys and from the leading specialists of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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