Shankardev And Namghar: An overview

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            Shrimanta Shankardev (1449-1568) At the time of his appearance, the religious roots, evils reforms and disrespect created in the social system of Assam in the 15th century completely disrupted the life of Assam. Countries in the West are relatively lagging behind in all aspects. There was no revolution at that time for the development and development of this place in Assam. However, at that time a revolution was launched not only in Assam but all over India. But that was not an industrial revolution, that is the religious revolution. Mahapurush  Shankardev led him in Assam when the Vaishnavist religion of Hinduism was imposed all over India. economic, social, Religion is deeply rooted in the people of Assam in all aspects like cultural. During Shankardev's time, the social system of Assam was filled with religious roots, evil reforms. So he felt that if anything changes would be made among the people of Assam. If possible, it is possible only through religion. So he propagated Navavaishnavism or Eksharan namadharma. Shankardev established namghar to propagate Navavaishnavism. It is wrong to say that Assamese society is changing lives by focusing on these namghars. Namghar is affecting all these aspects of religious, social and cultural in Assam. Namghar is a centre of religious practice for the common Assamese people and occupies a prominent seat as a centre of literature, music and various arts.

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