Cultural And Social Analysis Of Buying Ijon In Hapung Village, Sosa District Padang Lawas District

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Rijal Allamah Harahap, Arpizal, Kamaruddin, Iskandar Muda, Andri Soemitra, Sugianto


Buying and selling is one form of mu'amalah, namely the relationship that occurs between humans and humans. In buying and selling transactions, Islam teaches that buying and selling is based on clear clarity of contracts, goods and prices so that no party is harmed by the other party. Islam forbids making sales contracts with ambiguity, whether goods, prices or contracts. The arena of obscurity (gharar) has the potential to cause problems when the sale and purchase has passed. One form of buying and selling gharar is buying and selling bonds. Bonded buying and selling in practice in the community is carried out by buying and selling fruits that are not yet fully ripe. This type of research is a qualitative research with 25 respondents. The results showed that partially and simultaneously culture and social influence buying bondage in Hapung Village, Sosa District, Padang Lawas Regency with the level of determination of the double correlation coefficient value of 0.903 which is positive, meaning that the influence of cultural and social variables is very strong. or 81.9% of the dependent variable can be influenced by the independent variable, while 18.1% is influenced by other variables not examined.


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