Taxonomic Composition Of Soil Algoflora Of The Northern Fergana Valley

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Khusanova Onarkhon Gaybullaevna, Kurbonov Ibrogimjon Sharifboevich, Mamajanova Shokhista Bokhodir Daughter, Aziza Abdullaeva Nurbek Daughter


The Article Provides Information On The Leading Classes, Order, Families, Genera, And Species Identified In The Soil Algoflora Of The Northern Fergana Valley. The Distribution Of The Species At The Observation Points Of The Eastern And Western Parts Was Explained By The Fact That The Species Is Constantly Changing As A Result Of The Influence Of Environmental Factors. Species Belonging To The Divisions Cyanophyta, Xanthophyta, Bacillariophyta And Chlorophyta Have Been Systematically Analyzed And Scientifically Based On The Seasons.

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