Study Of Dialogue As A Character Education Media In The Film “Keluarga Cemara”

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Een Nurhasanah , Uah Maspuroh , Mohd Norazmi Nordin , Abdul Ghani Jalil


The Purpose Of This Study Is To: (1) Describe The Dramatic Structure Of The Film “Keluarga Cemara.” (2) Summarize The Dialogue From The Film “Keluarga Cemara”. (3) Describe Dialogue In The Film “Keluarga Cemara” As A Vehicle For Character Education. The Subject Of This Study Would Be Every Dialogue In The Film “Keluarga Cemara.” The Structural Theory Of William Ball Drama Was Used In This Research, Which Consists Of A Theme/Idea, A Plot, A Character/Character, A Spectacle/Setting, And Language/Dialogue. This Study Focuses On Dialogue That Includes Elements Of Character Education. The Method Applied Is One Of Descriptive Qualitative Analysis. The Data Used Is Dialogue From The Film “Keluarga Cemara,” Which Tends To Focus On Character Education. Youtube Is The Source Of The Information. Documentation With Advanced Recording And Note-Taking Techniques Was Used To Collect Data. The Dialogue Research Yielded 18 Dialogue Data Containing Character Education From The Film “Keluarga Cemara.” The Results Of The Dialogue Containing Character Education Include Seven Instances Of Saying Sorry, Five Incidents Of Saying Thank You, Four Occurrences Of Giving Praise, And Two Situations Of Expressing Sympathy.


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