Behind entrepreneurial intention in Pesantren perspectives,

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Segaf; Salim, Ubud; Aisjah, Siti; Indrawati, Nur Khusniyah.


The research background is based on the uniqueness of research site and the importance of entrepreneurial intention in pesantren perspectives. The research background then directing to the aims of research which are to reveal the meaning and to explore the determinant factors of entrepreneurial intention in the perspective of Pesantren.

Reasearch site in Islamic Boarding School (so called Pesantren) Riyadlul Jannah Indonesia for their uniqueness in implementation of entrepreneurship. Hence the research design is employ single case study and the data collected by participant observation during two years period of research between 2018 and 2020. The key informants decided purposively which is the head of pesantren (so called Kyai), continued by snowball method.

The finding shows that entrepreneurial intention in this study is understood as a person's heart (qalbun) statement that directing to entrepreneurial pious action (amal shaleh) in order to seek the pleasure (Ridha) of Allah. There are four ways to seek the pleasure of Allah which are fulfill the right of Allah, close to Allah, come to Allah and return to Allah. There are inside and outside of human determinant factors. The outside determinant factors of entrepreneurial intention in pesantren perspective are the past environment, the historical factor understood by the informant and another alternative income in the informant environment. The inside determinant factors are mind, heart and spirit. Heart as the place of intention, influenced by an-nafs (lust) and hidayah (guidance from Allah).

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