The dialectical impact in a book (strange talk in the four books)

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Batool Naji Hadi


The four Imami books of hadith, or what is called the Shiite origins, were considered, it was one of the sources of hadith for Shiite Muslim scholars. It includes besides the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and his family and grant them peace) and his blessed hadith, the biographies of the twelve imams (peace be upon them). Their interpretation of the verses of the Noble Qur’an and their comments on the hadith of the Prophet. It was: (Al-Kafi: by Sheikh Al-Kulayni. This book contains 16,199 hadiths. Tahdheeb Al-Ahkam: by Sheikh Al-Taifa Al-Tusi, and it contains 13905 hadiths. Al-Istibsar: by Sheikh Al-Tusi, and it contains 5511 hadiths. Who does not attend the jurist: by Sheikh Al-Saduq and contains 5998 hadiths).

The research tagged with (The dialectical effect in the book Gharib Al-Hadith in the four books), authors: Kadhum Director Shana Ji- Abdul Hussain Al-Ansari- Zine El Abidine Khorasani - Muhammad Hassan Zubari Al-Qaini - Muhammad Redha Sibawayh. Clear entrance, I studied this book, which consists of three parts, to find out the dialectical impact in this book. What the four books mentioned of strange hadith. Therefore, the research came with an introduction in which the value of the four principles and the concept of the stranger in the Qur’an and hadith were clarified. Then, it was divided into three sections, according to what was mentioned in the book: Arabic words- Expressed words- foreign words, then a conclusion with the most prominent results, followed by proven sources and references.

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