A Conceptual Framework on Authentic Leadership and Teachers’ Commitment to Change: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

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Nor Azni Abdul Aziz, Soaib Asimiran, Arnida Abdullah


Transformation School Programme 2025 (TS25) is aimed to enhance school qualities and the success rate of students in Malaysia. TS25 also determines the 21st-century workforce demand and the Fourth Industrial Revolution needs. However, far fewer studies examined authentic leadership in the context of TS25, although teachers’ commitment and job satisfaction mutually reinforced one another. Given the centrality of TS25, a comprehensive conceptual model incorporating authentic leadership, commitment to change, and job satisfaction was reported. The conceptual model was drawn from the authentic leadership theory, commitment to change model, and two-factor theory. Based on the proposed framework, it was found that employees’ work attitudes and outcomes depended upon school leaders. School administrators might better consider successful and effective school leadership that is realised through authentic leadership for improvement. The proposed framework might better be recontextualised across leaders in broader Malaysian education to generate positive outcomes.


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