The Implication of Negative Publication System on the Issuance of Double Certificates in Bandar Lampung City

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Atika Ayu Setia Harnum, Lego Karjoko, Hari Purwadi


The purpose of this study is to see how the negative publication mechanism affects the issue of double certifications in Bandar Lampung. In this study, the topic of land disputes is whether using the negative publication method in land registration in Indonesia is reasonable, and what are the repercussions of the negative publication system on the issuance of dual certificates in Bandar Lampung City. The author employed the normative juridical law technique using deductive syllogism analysis to create this work, which consisted of a major premise, minor premise, and conclusion. The researcher also obtained data from library sources to back up his claims. The lack of legal certainty for land/property owners was the rationale for using the negative publication system in land registration in Indonesia, according to the findings, because even though the owner was listed as the owner of the land on the certificate, the owner could still face a lawsuit from those who believe they have an interest in the land. The impact of a negative publication system on the issuance of double certificates in Bandar Lampung was that they did not receive legal protection because they were not based on the principle of justice, because a certificate of land rights can be sued by other parties who have an interest in the land and believe they have been harmed.

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