Restorative Justice Approach as A Legal Protection Against Women Victims of Domestic Violence

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Triwanto, Esti Aryani, Abdul Kadir Jaelani


The goal of this study is to examine the application of the restorative justice method as a protection effort for women victims of domestic violence in Indonesia's criminal justice system and to accomplish protection for women victims of domestic abuse. This study is part of a normative legal research project using the Statute Approach, which examines all laws and regulations relevant to the matter at hand. Secondary data is used, and it is analyzed using a qualitative analytical method before being presented in a descriptive format. By apologizing, the restorative justice strategy can reach a beneficial arrangement for all parties, restore past conditions, and maintain family bonds. A judge must also consider the rights of women who have been victims of crime, such as restitution and compensation. Restorative justice in criminal case settlement has been regulated in order to promote the best possible implementation of restorative justice and improve the criminal justice system, which likes to impose incarceration.

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