Energy Audit of 220/66 kV Substation

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Ms Trupti Nandikolmath, Dr M R Shivakumar


This paper highlights on the study of an electrical substation through energy audit on a regular basis and also focuses on the importance of the performance analysis of the substation. To analyze the performance of the substation based on different parameters under various operating conditions, a 220/66 kV substation is identified and detailed study is carried out. Based on the observations, it was found that the substation installed capacity was very large in comparison to the supply which was transferred to different loads connected to the substation. Through this observation, it was found that the substation was under loaded and underutilized during maximum time period of its operation. Due to this, the efficiency of operation of the substation is reduced. The second most observation was the level of voltage of the incoming line was high during the operating hours. The line reactors at the receiving and sending end of the substation are kept in ON position to maintain the level of voltage. One of the incoming lines of 220 kV is kept in OFF position when the condition of the loads is off peak. The energy audit study focuses station capacity optimization, power quality improvement, loading pattern and operation of substation. Based on the study, recommendations are suggested.

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