An Analysis Of The Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Consumer Engagement Process

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Jyoti Preet Joshi, Prof (Dr). Pradeep Suri, Dr Mayank Pant


The study examined the influence social media marketing has on customer engagement.  The study was decided to be investigated as we can see that organizations spending on social media continue to soar, but measuring its impact remains a challenge for most businesses.  All in all, social networking sites facilitate active communication between companies and users and spur interactions among users. Here the need arrived to find out the factors influencing customer engagement; to explore what content they enjoy most on a Facebook brand page which drives them to re-visit.  Data used for this study was obtained through questionnaires distributed to fans of a particular Facebook brand page. The results demonstrated that media and content type of posts exert a significant effect on customer online engagement. It also emphasized that higher the influence of social media marketing, higher would be the customer engagement. The findings of this study revealed the five factors that have a significant impact on customer engagement. SNSs are an additional medium through which information can be disseminated because it encourages a two-way communication between customers and firms. Hence, marketers need to be more cautious on what they post online as this is more likely to influence customers. The study also emphasizes the significance of ‗self-disclosure as a major factor to intimate relationships among persons, as a strengthened brand- consumer relationship online will ultimately impact their purchase behaviour in reality.

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