Measuring Impact Of Retail Store Layout On Consumer Buying Behavior – An Investigation Review

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Yashpalsinh Jadeja, Dr. Arti Joshi


Retailing in India is growing at a very fast rate. Organized retail sector has been able to attract Indian consumers and has drawn them into retail stores in huge numbers. Retailers are offering newer and newer services to provide unique shopping experiences to the consumers. However, whether consumers are able to perceive newer service dimensions in a positive way or not, has still remained unanswered. Retail Store layout is an important factor affecting consumer behavior and a critical factor that creates store image. A well designed store layout has a great influence on in-store movement patterns, shopping experience, buying behavior and operational efficiency of store. When a consumer feels dissatisfied concerning these elements he/she may move on to another store that offers these elements better. This article attempts to find the relationship between retail store layout and consumer’s buying behavior through in-depth investigation of literature available. The article also tries to identify research gap for the said investigation, so that concrete inference can be drawn for future studies in this context.

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