September 11 as a Political Conspiracy in Frank Bidart's "Curse"

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Zeena Younis Khalif Al-naeemi, Asst. Prof. Faisal Abdul-Wahhab Al-Doori


  The 9/11 attacks have horrified America and the broader international community. The attacks of September 11, 2001, were extraordinary events, as they were described as an earthquake of the whole world, and it caused a coup on various levels and left its impact on the world. September 11th tragedy is one of the most influential and effective events that affect the history of the American content and especially on poetry showing it in many contemporary American poems. Many American poets consider the situation of September 11th as a  political conspiracy and these poets are the ones who believe in conspiracy theory. In this paper, Frank Bidart considers the 9/11 attack as a political conspiracy.

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