Trust based Lightweight Assailant Detection in Cloud-Assisted WSN

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Antony Joseph Rajan D, Naganathan E R


Trust Management (TM) is an effective way to solve the intrusion problems occurred in WSN. Trust based Lightweight Assailant Detection Scheme (TLADS) is proposed for identifying and isolating the malicious sensor nodes in cloud-assisted WSNs. Here recommendation trust computation using the node confident level is computed by using decentralized trust computation process. Hence a trust value for each and every node is computed and highly trustable nodes are selected for the route formation to the cloud server. Later cloud level integrity procedure is carried out for selecting the trustable cloud servers by using third party auditing process since the cloud server is made as public. TLADS scheme can construct paths consisting of highly trusted nodes to the cloud, subject to a desired path length constraint. The simulation result shows that TLADS mechanism successfully avoids intrusions, even when a large portion of the data frames forwarded over the network.

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