An Observational Study On The Significance Of Manikadai Nool -A Siddha Diagnostic Tool

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Anitha.V, Thamizharasi M2, Lakshanya, Badma GP


 The Siddha system has a unique way of disease diagnosis and the eight fold examination (Envagai thervugal) play a significant role as a diagnostic and prognostic measure. The aim of this study is to do an observational study to validate the diagnostic significance of one such tool Manikadai Nool that is exclusively discussed in Tamil Siddha medical text ‘Agasthiyar Sūdamanikkayaru Sūtram’. Manikadai Nool is the measure of wrist circumstance using the subject’s finger units by an inelastic twine. The present study included 20 people aged 30-70 years. The measurement of the Manikkadai nool was measured and also the Pulse diagnosis (Naadi) was felt and recorded through the pulsations felt from 3 precise locations on the wrist at the radial artery. Through this study, the co-relation between the Manikkadai nool and with patient’s symptoms were assessed. The analysis showed that the inference obtained through manikadai nool values were in chime with the symptoms indicated in the literature inferences on Manikadai Nool. The results show that most of the subject's Manikkadai nool values fell within the range of 8- 11 s will be helpful to develop a non-invasive diagnostic and screening tool for the lifestyle disorders referred in the classical Siddha text.

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