Big Data in the Transport Industry - An Indispensable Trend Approaching Logistics 4.0

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Hoang Phuong Nguyen , Viet Duc Bui


The transportation and logistics industries are making very important changes, with many advanced technology solutions being launched. The increasing development of technology and the application of information technology in the logistics industry have made it possible for us to collect a huge amount of data from many different sources. Enterprises tend to use Big data for analysis during peak waves to make it easier to exchange and share information from that data. Using Big data in supply chain management will help businesses manage and forecast customers' needs more accurately. Moreover, it better understands the shopper cycle and preferences for better customer care. In the logistics industry, Big data and data analysis help shipping companies make the most accurate decisions, but the challenge of Big data is security and safety control. In these large data sets of businesses, there will be personal information about their customers. Therefore, this article presents a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and challenges that Big data has been bringing to the logistics industry, especially the trend of logistics 4.0. Based on a general assessment of the concept and characteristics of Big data and logistics 4.0, this work also focuses on clarifying the knowledge domain about potential applications of Big data in logistics 4.0.

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