A Descriptive Study on the Impact of CRM on Customer Loyalty AMONG Generational Cohorts

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Dr. Rameshwaran Byloppilly



This research paper investigates the impact of customer relationship management on customer loyalty with special reference to the hotels in India. It throws light on the relationship between the marketing efforts of customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty in the hotel industry in India. A descriptive research design was employed to come to meaningful findings. The emergence of publics such as the financial publics like banks, insurance companies etc., media publics such as social media, print media, electronic media, citizen action groups and the general publics have given rise to customer relationship management (CRM). Adopting CRM is apparent in the hotel sector due to the interactive nature of relationships and its contribution to creating sustainable competitive advantages. This study's objectives were to measure the impact of the usage of CRM on customer loyalty (CL) and investigate the moderating effect of generational cohorts on the above relationship. This study adopted a deductive approach, and the data were collected from domestic tourists through an online questionnaire. The data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results indicate a significant impact of CRM usage on CL among domestic tourists, and this relationship is moderated by the generational cohorts where CRM usage has displayed a significant effect on loyalty among Generation Y.

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