Position Estimation of Breathed Ship during Varying Tides Using WSN Localization Technique

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K.M. Akhil , R. Rashmi


Wireless Sensor Network Localization is a crucial facet that has promoted a convincing exploration in research with academic society. WSN can be defined as the collection of small, low-cost sensors that broadcast themselves in offhand fashion and congregate environmenatal changes in it range. The reference nodes in the WSN transmits data into the base station and the base station grants these data to be used by the end user. Localization is the process of computing the location of the wireless gadgets in a network system which is collection of a huge quantity of low-cost nodes and it is a vital component in determining the base of occurrence. The proposed approach describes a method that aids to monitor the movement of breathed ship during the tidal variation occurs. Sensor Node Localization in WSN is performed with RSSI, modified centroid and triangular methods. The experiments are done with the help of Cooja simulator and it outperforms all the conventional methodologies with highest location accuracy in minimal steps.

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