Utility Model And Patent Law In India: A Critical Analysis

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Prithivi Raj


Due To The Rise Of Liberalisation And Globalisation In The 1990s, The Notion Of Intellectual Property Underwent A Transformation. The Indian Economy Has Substantially Opened Up And Flourished In Recent Years. As A Result, India's Importance In The Global Economy Has Grown Dramatically, Attracting Significant International Investment. In India, Obtaining A Patent Takes A Lot Of Time Than Usual. On The Other Side, Utility Models Are Granted Easily And Without Any Cumbersome Procedure As Such. The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Critically Analyze The Patent Law In India By Comparing Utility Model Of Other Parts Of The World. In This Research Paper The Researcher Has Put Emphasis On The Need And Implementation Of Utility Models In India For The Benefit Of A Particular Section Of Researchers And Innovators.

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