Women A Deity Or A Curse : Justification In Terms Of Pritam’s ‘Pinjar’

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Sukanya Kar


The tragedy of the Partition encounter has given rise to fictional explorations with an attempt to define the inner turmoil and social complexes that plagued the subcontinent. Writing Partition narratives, in a sense is almost like a compulsory act of ‘re-memory’ for the South Asian people who have either personally experienced Partition or heard about it through family lore and legends. The Partition of India and the associated bloody riots inspired many creative minds in India, Pakistan and modern day Bangladesh to write literary/cinematic depictions of this event. The moving issue of Partition and the holocaust that followed it stirred the feeling of the writers who thought it their responsibility to recreate the events through their writing. Many of the Partition writers were direct witness and even victims of the Partition holocaust.
In the present research article , the researcher has explored the status of women being a boon or a curse for her family and society in general and explored the tragic experiences of partition and its impact on women. The inhuman torture ,violence and injustices that women went through hits the process of women awareness, consciousness of the society so that women can also stand as a voice.

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