Effects Of Diversity Management On Employee Attitude And Behaviour - A Study With Special Reference To It Industries In India

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Mrs. Shuba. N, Dr. G. Vadivalagan


With the rise of globalization, diversity management has become a critical workplace problem, even in developing countries in India. The study's main goal is to determine the possible impact of diversity management on employee attitude and behaviour. To test the hypothesis, primary data was analyzed from a survey of 107 respondents from 3 Indian IT organizations. According to the findings of the study, incorporating diversity management in the context of equality-based HR practices and providing training for cross cultural practices, leads to increased organizational commitment among employees employed in Indian companies. The current study outlines the realities of diversity management strategies in Indian IT sector and investigates how these practices affect employees' attitudes at work. The findings show that diversity management strategies have a positive impact on employees' organizational commitment, which is mediated by effective diversity management programs.

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