Chatbots: Cross-Domain Engineering Applications

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Ajay Sudhir Bale, Subhashish Tiwari, B C Hemapriya, Subramanya S G, Vinay N, Baby Chithra R, Nithin Gowda N, Dixit Shetty, Ravindra V,M Kaushik, Anandhakumar Ramasamy


This paper overviews the cross-domain engineering applications of Chatbots. Chatbots are powerful software built using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that respond to user input data and have impacted a wide range of working fields, including healthcare, journalism, and finance. In Journalism, chatbots mean the rise of interactive news communication, spreading awareness more effectively among the younger generation. In the Healthcare systems, chatbots prove to be extensively useful in emergencies where identifying symptoms for individual patients can be difficult, but having stored a vast amount of personalized data, chatbots can predict quite accurately what problem the patient might be facing – including chronic illnesses. In Finance, chatbots are used to customize responses to each user based on factors like age which vary their intention of using their account to secure financial stability. Further research on chatbots will thus prove to enhance their efficiency in several fields like these where they have immense potential.

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