Survey On Cluster Level Routing with Qos in Vanets

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Mahesh R K, Shivkumar S. Jawaligi


Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are used in wireless communication between vehicles within proximity range, also communication among vehicles and nearer fixed equipment. VANETs becoming popular in these days due to their dynamic connectivity, self-organizing features. Many, researchers and academicians impressed by VANETs because there is no central administration required in this system. However, vehicles move continuously and frequently changes in topology. Hence difficulty may occur in communication, like overhead in exchanging information between vehicles and equipment’s as well as topology update information. To overcome from this problem, clustering is a most common solution. Many protocols are available which are cluster based with Quality of Service(QoS). This organizes vehicles as a cluster and some vehicles as a cluster head. These cluster heads only communicate with cluster members, as well as share the information with neighboring cluster. In this article we are focusing on clustering algorithms. The algorithm should maintain stability of topology, as well as concentrate on minimizing the cluster heads with minimum overhead.

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