Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applications in smart energy systems

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Dr. P.Hakkim Devan Mydeen, Dr. V. J. Chakravarthy, Dr. A. Mohamed Mustaq Ahmed, Dr. Mohamed Yacoab


A thorough examination on the usage ofbig data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in electrical power grid, as offered bythe advent of smart grid, next generation power system is performed in this study. The heart of this new grid system is the Internet of Things (IoT) that provides connectivity which remains the essential part of Smart Grid (SG). Ahuge data volume that requiressystemslarger than the traditional methods for decision-making and accurate analysis is introduced by this connectivity and requisite relentless communication. Effective load forecasting, economical and key data acquisition technique is delivered by IoT integrated SG system. In order to obtain these primeadvantages,Machine Learning (ML),AI and big data analysistechniques plays a crucial role. IoT devices along with their data emerge as the main target, wherein cyber security turns out to be a serious issue in SG’s complex connected system, owing to which the smart power grid’s development and utilization is quite prevalent and popular at present. In the case of digital power network in SG, prominent technical supportis delivered bybig data and artificial intelligence applications.Big data and AI have emerged as a commanding technique utilized in smart grid for driving it into new generation energy networks and power systems, in spite of the issues faced by the smart grid using such applications.

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