Perceived effectiveness of online classes and student satisfaction: A study of pandemic impact

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Dr. Prateek Sharma, Dr. Sukhjeet Kaur Matharu, Dr. Meeta Baid, Dr. Sharda Haryani, Dr. Bharti Malukani, Dr. Saurabh Singh


In an attempt to cope up with the worldwide lockdown and escalating health crisis initiated by the COVID 19 breakdown, the universities decided to digitize the field and retool their radicals. The education Institutions embraced online learning and introduced the ethos of virtual research led by technical innovation and advancement. Online education is one such platform where the students can communicate 24/7 through online discussion and thus students get the opportunity to share their resources and this enables them to excel in cooperation. The research aims at identifying the influence of the perceived effectiveness of online classes on student satisfaction. The study also aims at finding out the impact of pandemic fear and external factors on student satisfaction towards online classes. The sample of the study comprises of the students enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in India as well as abroad. The sampling method used for the study was non probability random sampling method. The data was subjected to regression analysis in SPSS 18. Variables, technical portability and institute accountability were found to have no significant impact on student satisfaction towards online classes whereas independent variables like interactivity and class controllability, ease of use and usefulness, security, pandemic fear and external factors were found to have significant impact on the student satisfaction. The study puts forward suggestions and recommendations for enhancement of student satisfaction towards online classes.

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