Secure Data Aggregation Technique using Audit based scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

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N.Nithya.MCA. Mphil, Dr.N.Rajendran.PhD


Wireless Sensor Network is resource-constraint nature of a sensor network makes it an ideal medium for malicious attackers to intrude the system. Thus, providing security is extremely important for the WSN due to limited computational power and energy resources. Aggregation of data from multiple sensor nodes done at the aggregating node is usually accomplished by simple methods such as averaging. However such aggregation is known to be highly vulnerable to node compromising attacks.WSN is usually unattended and without tamper resistant hardware, they are highly susceptible to such attacks. Thus, ascertaining trustworthiness of data and reputation of sensor nodes is crucial for WSN. As the performance of very low power processors dramatically improves, future aggregator nodes will be capable of performing more sophisticated data aggregation algorithms, thus making WSN less vulnerable. Iterative filtering algorithms hold great promise for such a purpose. In this paper, the data generated from the sensor nodes is aggregated from multiple sources and provide trust assessment of these sources, usually in a form of corresponding weight factors assigned to data provided by each source. It implicitly provides the data traffic balancing and energy consumption by reducing the overhead of the network with reference to cache of data on audit based strategies. Analytical and simulation results on the proposed model proves that Secure Audit scheme based on data aggregation protocol provides better performance terms of packet delivery ratio , Network overhead, transmission delay, computation time and packet loss

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