New forms of labour alienation – The dire need for a comprehensive solution

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Elizabeth Varsha Paul, Dr. G. Nagasubramaniyan,


An unorganised workforce and the inadequate corporate participation in the operational side of the business, however, has kept the construction sector at bay, causing it from realising its full potential. To rebalance the high-risk aspects of migrant workers, and to motivate corporate executives, new forms of labour attention are called for, as evidenced in the study. A theoretical framework with a Karl Marx theory of labour alienation is elaborated short in the paper. While many studies have noted labour alienation, few have taken such a comprehensive approach to understand why this business model is less profitable than others, and few have placed the solution to this recurring problem is extensive training and supervision to migrant workers. If comprehensive solutions areembedded such as training and supervision ,a company offers, all these changes, he becomes an employee who identifies himself with his product and his productivity and well being will increase. This is a benefit to the organisation and to the society as the future workforce lies in migrant workers.

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