Understanding the students` perceptions towards the Campus Placement Cell and their preferences for placements and analyzing the need for counseling.

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Mrs. Neha Inamdar


The original motivation to carry out this research was less participation of students in the campus placement activities conducted in undergraduate commerce colleges in Pune. The research was carried out using a participatory action research approach to understand the students` perceptions about the campus placement cells with special reference to undergraduate commerce colleges. This research is focused on understanding the student`s side of taking up or not taking up the placement opportunities available or offered by campus placement cell from the colleges.


In addition to above, this qualitative research shows how the campus placement activities are conducted and also some light is thrown on the experience of the Human Resource Managers about the campus placements. It is hoped that the insights along with the advices offered up by researcher after detail study will definitely benefit to the colleges to make their placement cells more active and facilitate the students in a better way. The researcher made an effort to throw some light on the need of employment counseling for getting better results.  It will also benefit to third parties directly or indirectly related to them. At the outset researcher hope that this research work will promote the students` participation in undergraduate commerce colleges.

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