A Study on Innovative Teaching and Learning Process during Covid19

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Dr. Kirti Dang Longani, Dr. Prajakta Y. Das,


Education is the light to show the direction to success. The purpose of education is not just to literate the students but to add value to the existing knowledge, develop the skills and creative thinking so they become more employable. With the advent of digitalization, there are many different platforms where students can educate themselves but what’s lacking is the innovation in teaching. The success of students depends upon teachers with the innovative ideas they bring to teaching to make the theoretical concept more relatable and understandable. Now is the time to change the education system from rote learning to thinking! To make the changes happen it is also required to take the teaching profession as a priority and not an option, teachers should have good knowledge about the industry, and to make this happen preferably they should work with the industry every year or be a consultant. Teachers should bring innovation in teaching by giving the students hands of experience by including live projects, fieldwork, and activities, which will make the class interesting and students will remember the concept easily. It is high time both, for the students as well as teachers for a change, which can be met if they accept the challenge. Faculty members are constantly looking for new and effective ways to engage their students in the learning process. More than ever before, students in higher education will apply what they learn in university to professional careers that do not yet exist. To become global leaders and valuable citizens of today and tomorrow, our students must learn to be independent critical thinkers, to be socially and ethically responsible, and have a broad understanding of the world. Different innovative teaching methods are now in use across the globe.

Through the present study, an attempt has been made to know the opinions of the faculty members and students about e-learning practices implemented by the educational institutions and highlights the various problems faced by the faculty members and students. The study shows that there are positive as well as negative effects on the higher education system of India.

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