Increasing the Number of Faculty Research Outputs Through Faculty Development Program

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Veronica Sarcino-Almase


It is very important for the universities and colleges that their teaching staff are able to write academic research without limit to numbers. Thus, it is necessary for the institution to develop a program which will address the emerging needs of the academician specifically in research production. This action research focuses on how academic personnel increase research output through the utilization of a faculty development program of the institution.  Quantitative research was applied and the researcher used a questionnaire that was distributed across different academic programs. Also, this study used univariate analysis since frequency distribution was determined and it measured the dispersion of one sample.  The sample consisted of twenty-two teaching staff which are equivalent to 62.86% response rate of distinct educational rankings and status. The findings indicated that teaching staff possessed average knowledge and competencies in writing academic research. They indicated that workload pressure and lack of time hindered research production which, they deem can be achieved through decreasing teaching capacity.  Likewise, the study revealed that teaching staff noticeably agreed on the support provided by the faculty development program.  However, successive training in academic research writing was recommended.

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