Knowledge Discovery of Tones In Songs Using Bi-Lstm

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Dr. Pankaj Lathar


Music Analysis And Songs Recommendation Is An Interesting Area Of Computer Science Research. The Knowledge Discovery Of Songs Involves The Analysis Of Various Tones In The Songs. The Tones Can Be Joy, Sad, Confident And Others. The Analysis Of The Tones In The Songs Can Enable The User To Customize The Playlist Based On The Mood Of The User. Thus, It Is Essential For Enhancing The Techniques For Knowledge Discovery Of Tones In Music Analysis. In This Paper, Music Cognitive Agent (Mca) Is Proposed For The Analysis Of Tones In Songs. The Cognitive Environment Consists Of Song Discovery, Playlist Analysis And The Tone Analysis As A Part Of The Knowledge Discovery. The Proposed Mca Is Compared With Neural Network Bi-Lstm To Compare The Discovery Of The Tones In The Cognitive Environment. The Results Suggest That The Mca Recognizes The Tones Appropriately.

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