A comprehensive survey on the importance of Ayurveda and Artificial Intelligence

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H M Manjula, Dr AnandaRaj S P


In the modern world, modern medicine and complementary systems dominate the healthcare worldwide. Many developing countries which suffer with resources can improvise the healthcare at their retention by leveraging the extent of traditional medicine. A traditional Indian Atharva Veda implemented system of medicine called the Ayurveda, has gigantic benefits to human kind. This way of medicine deals majorly with naturally available herbs and methodologies to treat human health and promotes healthy practices for a better lifestyle. Ayurveda works on the idea of balancing biological systems. Ayurveda is primarily accomplished in India and being recognized  internationally due to the effectiveness and use of naturally available herbs and associated methodologies to cure the diseases. Ayurveda as a system is successful, yet not widely practiced, there are range of reasons that has limited Ayurveda to reach its potential, such as less importance is given to Ayurvedic education and its practices, very few or no advancement is seen, resources limitations due to funds, limited technical support, and unstructured database. Therefore there is a constant need of improvising the field with technology and effectively creating knowledge based systems to improvise the practice of Ayurveda and to optimize its benefits. In this paper, a survey on the benefits of Ayurveda for women hormonal imbalance, Ayurveda for Skin and Hair health is done along with the Artificial intelligence technology advancements in the field of Ayurveda. The intend of the paper is to layout the benefits this 5000 years old approach towards medicine has to offer and the use of Artificial Intelligence to promote and influence its growth.


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