Understanding Communication Needs of Organic Food Consumers in India: A Grounded Theory Approach

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Evelina Sahay, Dr. Somnath Mukherjee


In urban and sub-urban India, the moderate but growing demand for the organic market is attributable to diverse key drivers regarding organic product intake. This study is envisaged to investigate information concerning motivation and barriers beneath Indian consumers' awareness and intention towards buying trends of organic food products in order to identify the related cues/factors required for designing accurate communication nudges. To gain detailed insight grounded theory approach was used and 47 respondents i.e., users/non-users from major urban and suburbs of North and South India were interviewed based on a questionnaire survey, followed by the theoretical sampling method. Outcomes of this study show respondents from urban and sub-urban India are equally concerned about their health, ethical, and social values. While on the other side respondents residing in Urban parts of India either users or non-users were comparatively more aware of the barriers affecting organic market practices. The results recommend marketers and promoters of the organic market to take the core role played by communication and consumer sovereignty into consideration and design effective communications based on the cues derived within this study.

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