A Meta-Synthesis on Mentoring Framework on Teaching Internship - Final

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Maria Nancy Q. Cadosales, Angelito B. Cabanilla, Renan O. Elculladac, Rosita Lacea, Naila


The teaching internship practices served as a guide for Teacher Education Institutions all over the world for teaching interns. The efficiency and effectiveness of various teaching internships practices for teaching interns across countries were meta-synthesized from the 16 selected studies from 2014 to 2021. The selected studies were screened using the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) checklist for systematic review, and the selected studies were organized using the PRISMA 2020 flow diagram. Potential effective teaching internship program was identified as the meta-theme using thematic analysis.  Consequently, nine sub-themes emerged from the meta-theme, namely, roles of a mentor, coaching and feedbacking, evaluation and reflection, training, field experiences, international participation, working environment, stakeholders’ participation, and qualities of a teaching intern.  The meta-synthesized teaching internship practices resulted in a meta-theme on a potential effective teaching internship program. As a result, it is recommended that Teacher Education Institutions may adopt this teaching internship program to ascertain its applicability and effectiveness.

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