Role of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Sustainable Food Systems :A Technological Scenario

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Harleen Kaur, Dyal Bhatnagar


Functional Foods and nutraceuticals are a class of products with benefits beyond essential nutrition. These products are a rising trend in the food industry, with the global market reaching USD 275.77 billion by 2025. Sustainabiity of the functional foods is an emerging issue as functional   fooda is a preventive regime for non-communicable diseases. The dynamic changes in the technological environment have transformed the scenario of sustainability by bringing new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, expert systems, nanotechnology, and the emerging field of nutria-genomics that find varied applications across food systems. Different stakeholders get benefitted immensely, like manufacturers, suppliers, supply chain managers, retailers, customers, and government publics. At the same time, critical analysis is required how these technologies interact with the three pillars of sustainability –economic, social, and environmental. The result indicate that  although the   emerging disruptive technologies  provide greater efficiency , ethical sourcing , prevent wastage , create awareness and provide more personalized nutrition on one hand there may be concerns regarding their sustainability as they  may drive up economic costs among other concerns.

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